Your Trusted structured cabling Vendor

We ensure on time delivery for projects and will formulate unique solutions tailored for your projects whenever possible without compromising on quality. Most importantly, we will also meet your requirement and needs.

We provide test results of every cables that we installed and commissioned. This will provide assurance to clients that the cable is perfect. We'll troubleshoot any issues related to the cables that we have installed without any charges if we find that the cable fault lies with us.

We are capable of providing services to clients such as maintenance, move, add or change services after installation. We aim to be our client preferred business partners and have an amicable relationship.

Vico Network Pte. Ltd.

able to deliver a job of good quality as well as after project completion services. we organise trainings provided to our personnel to equip them with the cabling techniques to further enhance their job skills.



Your Trusted structured cabling Vendor